47 - Stephen Scoggins : no longer stuck, he's now unstoppable


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I'm honored to be joined by Stephen Scoggins this week. He was one of the voices who encouraged me when I was insecure, uncertain and feeling worthless. As we chat, he'll shed light on how he's undergone a transformation himself to now live out his own purpose. He's not only overcome dyslexia and ADHD but he's also fought through being homeless. As a teen, his one way out became a door that was shut on him, leaving him feeling desperate and helpless. So how does someone traverse all that to now own seven businesses?

As husbands and fathers, we often don't want to hear about our stumbles or shortcomings. Stephen shares how he works with his team through the follies of not communicating clearly. As husbands and fathers, we can all use a lesson and viewpoint to see those around us as more important than how our ego might respond. Stephen is open and transparent about his journey and his stories. You can't help but hear his passion for helping others find their own strength and purpose. Join us to listen to what Stephen sees as our most important purpose.

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