Why are Boomers afraid of hiring young talent?


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Episode Summary

Why are boomers being afraid of hiring young talent

Don’t have time to babysit

Where did common sense go

Knowledge with the person or the company

Invest in the unknown and admit the fear

Increase the value of your business with change

Who are the Boomer owners trusted people on the floor? The person that has been there for 30 years. They grew up in the business together and have similar reference points. This may be why we can’t afford to trust the kids to get things done. Where is common sense today? Boomers can no longer say go do it without being asked why. This why question is too often seen as a challenge vs a way to share knowledge and create trust. The experiences of today’s youth are different than those of the Boomers and Gen X and this difference creates fear. How are you keeping your knowledge with your business and not with your employees?

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