A College Athlete Turned Fitness Franchise All-Star


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The Fitness Franchise Podcast is back with another fantastic interview. Today, Bryce Henson interviews Barrett Henson, a former college athlete who shares his experience owning a Fit Body Boot Camp franchise.

His franchise location has consistently made the top 10 for both revenue and community impact. He also serves as a franchise business coach for the Fit Body Boot Camp brand and mentors over 100 franchise owners across the U.S. and Canada.

Barrett breaks down why it's so essential to expect greatness from yourself, how to reinforce successful behavior within your coaches and staff, the hidden gem of being a franchise owner, and so much more.

"From a business standpoint, I believe you can do a lot more than what you think you can. Starting out, I was the coach, I was the admin, I was the phone person, the sales guy, and the janitor. There were many, many late nights doing a lot of stuff, and I'm so blessed because of it. I literally put in the reps to learn the business inside and out." -Barrett Henson

Here's what you don't want to miss:

  • 3:59 How the proper coaching and sports can be the backbone of success
  • 7:45 The importance of being a self-motivated person in all aspects of life
  • 11:00 The importance of accountability and learning humility
  • 13:45 Positive behaviors and why you should demand greatness in yourself
  • 15:29 How great leaders and coaches can provide the proper feedback
  • 17:50 Creating an atmosphere of excellence for your employees
  • 19:14 How your unrelated work experience can transition into gym ownership
  • 25:00 Being humble and stepping outside your comfort zone
  • 31:14 Doing the reps to reinforce successful behavior
  • 35:00 Why it's so crucial to learning your business inside and out
  • 37:30 The hidden gem of being an owner in a fitness gym
  • 39:55 Why you should spend more time developing each coach to reduce the "suck factor"
  • 45:00 How giving back to the community builds culture within your team
  • 54:20 The commonality in successful coaching and the humility to learn more

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