From 100k in Debt to an 8 Figure Earner


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In today's Fitness Franchise Podcast, Bryce Henson takes a deep dive into the highly successful career of Matt Wilber. Matt opened his first Fit Body Bootcamp franchise in 2013 with 100k in student loan debt, maxed-out credit cards, all while living in his grandmother's basement.

He now owns 9 franchise locations with 60 full-time employees, grossed over 28 million dollars in revenue, and is the Vice President of Product and Results for Fit Body Bootcamp.

However, Matt did not start out a success story. Growing up as a chubby kid, Matt battled with self-esteem and confidence that eventually fueled his desire to learn everything he could about living a healthy lifestyle, training, and nutrition.

Tune in to hear how Matt dealt with negative influences as a young adult, how asking the right questions led to more success, the secretes to scaling a fitness gym, how to overcome a negative belief in yourself, and so much more.

"A lot of people set goals and have the best intentions in the world, but they don't realize how many crap sandwiches they're going to have to eat to achieve those goals. And if you want the goals, you've got to be willing to eat the sandwich." -Matt Wilber

Here's what you don't want to miss:

6:05 Why seeking knowledge beyond formal education is so important

7:05 How Matt's work ethic prepared him for entrepreneurship

11:00 Building out your first gym and running out of money

13:48 Hiring your first employee and offloading some responsibility

15:21 Finally giving up control and being able to leverage your time

17:55 The one thing that separates successful entrepreneurs from failure

19:00 The skills needed to scale and grow your footprint

22:55 Painful lessons and what not to do when scaling a gym

25:05 How to navigate change and set expectations

28:04 The difference between leadership and management

31:00 Addressing the needs of your community through charitable work

35:15 Matt's "zone-of-genius" and teaching others to do the same

39:00 What you need to know to be a super successful fitness gym

42:50 The worst thing you can do in life and how Matt navigated 2020

47:00 One of Matt's lowest points in life and the lessons he learned

49:30 What drives Matt and his passion for helping others succeed

53:29 The best advice Matt has ever received and how to view life through a 3D lens

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