Creating Life Changes by being Present


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You have the power to make great changes in your life by being present to your thoughts, actions and habits. Angie Wisdom, a Professional Certified Coach, who was our guest on this episode of the You Soulful Genius Podcast said that Self-awareness and catching your thoughts in good time and controlling the direction it’s veering into is the greatest gift you can give yourself in order to stay conscious and create the realities you want in your life.

Angie Wisdom is a Professional Certified Coach and Speaker guiding people through intentional change and finding their authentic selves.

Her coaching career spans more than 15 years, where she coaches business owners, C-level executives, and individuals committed to creating meaningful success and a life they love.

She is a member of The Female Founder Collective, Executive Coaches of Orange County, International Coaching Federation, and a contributor for The Forbes Coaching Council.

According to Angie, one great way you can also be in control of your life and the things that happen is, for you to ask active questions at the end of the day. Check in with yourself, on your thoughts and ask yourself; how did I do today? How best did I ensure that my actions aligned with my intentions, and so on.

Angie Wisdom talked about us tuning into the change that you want so, when your mind is all over the place, tune in and be aware of the thoughts and make changes through the decisions you make. Also, setting your intentions in the morning helps you to navigate the day in a very smooth way and it helps you to have a clear thought and a clear plan as to how you want to react to the things that will be happening to you during the day.

The main highlights of this episode are:

Being conscious, acting and being in control of your thoughts by being present will help you make super life changes

Cultivating successful habits become easy when you are aware of your thoughts and your mind games

Nourishing yourself with love, knowledge, and extra care, is the only way you be there for you and others

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