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When you are in a situation where you feel, you’re losing it. Audacity is the only thing that will, get you back on to your deserved pedestal. That’s a belief of my guest on the show today.

Remi Ray is a Neuro-Divergent Coach who helps special women to become the best of who they are. Born and raised in South London, Remi is a self-motivated lady, who has chosen success against all odds.

As well as helping women thrive in their business and lifestyle choice, Remi also has a sense of community, which drives her passion in contributing to the society, with her involvement with numerous community projects geared towards raising the standards for the disadvantaged within the society.

Remi whose word of the year is AUDACITY, emphasized that only audacious people can break the barriers set by the society to hold us down.

An ardent believer in building generational wealth, said that it is everyone’s responsibility to learn how best money and wealth can work best for them, because creating your wealth, gives you some liberty to choose how you want to live your life.

Remi inspires and motivates thousands of people on Instagram as well as in her flourishing coaching and consultancy business, and definitely a force to watch out for1

Connect with Remi Ray on Instagram @iamremiray

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