Showing up for your brand unapologetically – Tips from a brand expert


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Michelle Rebelle Coops, a bad-ass Personal Branding & Leadership coach, international entrepreneur, award-winning speaker, priestess and thought-leader, guides and mentors Leaders to liberate themselves from the invisible shackles that keep them from expressing themselves authentically and unapologetically - in work, life and even love.

Through expert coaching, questioning and with lots of loving support, she challenges people to merge head with heart, allowing all of their humanness to become part of the way they show up. To her, this humanness also means integrating our sexuality in every part of our lives, business included. She empowers people to allow more pleasure into their lives, reconnect to their sensuality, and lighten the fire from within in order to attract clients and build a life of joy. Besides supporting clients in becoming naturally magnetic, she’s mastered the art of self-confidence and mature autonomy to live life on your own terms.

Being a former copywriter, she has a deep understanding of how to find and voice your message with impact, yet over the years she has deepened her knowledge around truly embodying this message to make a meaningful mark.

Michelle learned to speak up for herself from a very young age and realised that the only way to standout and make a difference in the world, was to be willing to challenge the status quo and be creative.

Founder and director at 'Be A Brand Rebel', she inspires individuals to build their Personal Brand from a place of love. Their Love-based Personal Branding journeys support you in positioning yourself in your career, business, life and love with confidence, clarity and congruency, so you can deeply connect with others and influence them positively.

The main takeaways of this episode are:

• Be bold, charismatic and daring – Don’t settle, follow your urge to be more

• Get to know yourself more – it promotes your sense of connection and creativity

• Adversity has its advantage when you glean to the message within it

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