#33 MAGNUS FRIDH - Swedish Meditation Teacher, Yogi, Author and App Founder


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When Magnus Fridh (@magnus_fridh) was just seventeen, his life took a surprising and abrupt turn: He had grown up a restless child, so when his family received a visit from Karma, a Tibetan youth they were sponsoring, he was initially sceptical of anything that he deemed ”New Age”. It didn’t take long before he realized the power of both meditation and mindfulness, and as he grew more interested he travelled to Nepal to practice meditation, and later on specialized in Indology at University of Stockholm. Nowadays he regularly teaches groups in yoga, mindfulness and meditation irl and online.

The world today is ever more restless, fast-paced and stressful than the one that Magnus grew up in, and the new reality of long-term sick leave, anxiety, burnouts and thriving stress clinics and rehabilitation centers reinforced his belief we need to make time to find inner stillness.

Magnus instils in us that we do not need to make drastic changes to change our lives, but small ones that will collectively increase our creativity, inspiration, and joy. In his book ‘The Art of stillness is a Noisy World’ he mixes personal reflections from his own wealth of experience with in-reading tips and suggestions—meaning, you can read and re-read this small guide to find inner calm and train yourself to become a master of stillness in your own life and surroundings.


-The benefits and challenges of a meditation practice

-Mindfulness in parenting

-Self-compassion, acceptance and vulnerability

-Living in a Buddhist community

-Spotting an opportunity and building an app

-Suffering with childhood ADHD

-The danger of putting teachers on a pedestal

-Practicing patience and trust over wanting immediate results

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