#38 - DANIEL RAMA - International Yoga Teacher and Trainer


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Daniel Rama ( danielrama_) is the fusion of authentic hatha yoga and modern functional movement. His journey began with a life changing injury and a grim diagnosis. Told by doctors that he would never be able to run again, Rama moved to a simple yoga ashram and began dedicating himself to a life of sincere sadhana (spiritual practice).

After a miraculous recovery, Rama has now made it his life purpose to share valuable techniques associated with yoga, movement and mindfulness. Together with his partner, Rama offers international workshops, retreats and YTTs; and operates a successful online studio by name of Becoming Balance.


-Finding a work/life balance and ways to relax

-The pros and cons of being a travelling yogi

-The discipline of a daily practice

-The importance of space in a relationship when together 24/7

-Recovering from an injury doctors said wouldn’t heal

-Transitioning from someone who used to upset people, to someone who lives to serve the world

-Harnessing interests and skills to serve the world

-What it means to be ‘awake’

-Living in an ashram surrounded by inspirational mentors

-Tapping into a collective consciousness by training the mind

-Stepping away from a destructive lifestyle into a holistic one

-Blacking out teaching first yoga class

-How to grow on social media

-Listening to your intuitive voice

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