#39 - THE HUSLERS INTERVIEWED BY NIRAJ SHAH (wellness speaker and entrepreneur)


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It’s been a year since we decided to have some honest conversations and dig deeper under that shiny surface of the wellness industry; discovering that the balanced-state is often a fleeting moment, with the rest of life being an ever-changing obstacle course of; struggles, opportunities, sweat and hard work. To celebrate a year of chatting to wonderful guests, finding their own version of happiness, former guest, entrepreneur and wellness speaker, Niraj Shah (@niraj5hah) decided it would be great to turn the tables and interview us; Holly Husler (@iamhollyhusler) & Adam Husler (@adamhusler).


-How we met and our first date

-What we think makes a good relationship

-How yin and yang can work together

-Navigating being together 24/7

-Coping with miscarriage, an ectopic pregnancy and the loss of a kitten during lockdown

-Moving our life from London to Surrey

-Why we created the Honestly Unbalanced podcast

-Dealing with critical comments

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