#41 - TIFFANY SOI - Climbing Athlete, Yoga Teacher, Well-being Coach & Space Science Graduate


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Tiffany Soi (@tiffany_soi) has been described as a modern Renaissance woman of sorts: The Londoner of EurAsian heritage is a presenter, yoga & wellbeing coach, and respected climbing athlete, who somewhere along the way also picked up a first class space science degree (just in case we really do need a wormhole out of here after all!). She is the creator of ClimbFlow Fit-Yoga: a targeted dynamic strength training meets yoga flow movement approach for climbers (and movement lovers alike!).

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-Ending up in a back brace from elite gymnast training

-Finding rock climbing as a new way to move

-How building a business takes time

-Over-pushing the body to breaking point

-Yoga as a route to balance

-Self-criticism and self-competition

-Changing the inner dialogue

-How high-performing people can suffer from mental health issues

-Giving ourselves permission to take a break

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