All In - Jenny Cassons and Jill Moffatt - Lightweight Women's Double (LW2x), Canada Rowing - Episode 3


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As veteran rowing coach Al Morrow would often say, "All potential means is that you haven't done anything yet." So here's two athletes, Jenny Cassons and Jill Moffatt, the lightweight women's double, fired up and ready to prove themselves at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

In this episode, we tackle better training for women, the technical aspects of the boat of the lightweight women's double, and what they are working on to get more rhythm and flow in the boat by leveraging the physiology that they built and how to channel it into a result that they'll be happy with.

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Get to Know the Athletes:

Jen Casson hails from Kingston and claimed the rowing machine world records for both 6,000m and 2,000m in 2019. Not short of power, this Nutella lover is up for the challenge of being the quickest 57 kg athlete in the field.

Jill Moffatt has a passion for Health Information Science wanting the data collected to better inform women's health outcomes. When she's not looking at health stats, this Bethany, Ontario native is paying attention to racing stats.

Engage with Jen and Jill:

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