The Silent Sniper - Trevor Jones - Men's Single (M1x), Canada Rowing - Episode 8


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Why should you curl your toes to start the recovery? How can you let go and just row the boat? What's it like to spend every summer growing up with your family in a 500 square foot / 46 square meter cabin? The quiet, thoughtful and insightful Trevor Jones, will tell you how.

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Get to Know the Athlete:

A growth spurt in grades nine and ten sent this hockey-loving kid from outside Peterborough, Ontario to a physiotherapist to strengthen his core. Trevor Jones, who is now 203 cm or 6'8", initially used rowing to build core stability and strengthen his spine. With help from veteran coach Carol Love, Trevor eventually came onto the sport and won the U23 men's single in 2017 and 2018. Now, after overcoming some injuries and training under the legendary Dick Tonks, he is ready to test his mettle in Tokyo 2020.

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