The Workhorses - Hillary Janssens and Caileigh Filmer - Women's Pair (W2-), Canada Rowing - Episode 2


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What is it like to win a world championship and hug your cancer-free mom? What's the difference between peak racing performance and steady training performance? What does crying tell you during training? How do you manage clinical depression while training for the Olympics?

We find these answers in today's episode with Hillary Janssens and Caileigh Filmer Women's Pair (W2-).

They call themselves the workhorses and these two ladies are incredible athletes who will go deeper into their pasts. Especially Caileigh in her past of being a swimmer and elite swimmer who had a lot of potential within that sport, and ended up transitioning into rowing. She described her perspective as a young person who's now mature and much older who has this perspective as well. It'll be interesting to hear, not only for young athletes but also for parents who are pushing their children down the high-performance pathway.

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Get to Know the Athletes:

Hillary Jansens is a fiery, intelligent and dominant competitor. Raised on a dairy farm in Cloverdale, BC, she has proven herself to be one of Canada's top oarswomen. She won silver in Florida in the women's eight in 2017, then transitioned to the pair, where she won gold with Caileigh Filmer in Bulgaria 2018, and bronze in Austria, 2019.

Caileigh Filmer began her athletic career as a competitive swimmer. She transitioned to rowing in high school, where she was discovered to have natural power and athletic talent. She has won medals a the World Junior Championships, Youth Olympic Games, World Cup and World Championships – the most notable being Gold in the women's pair with Hillary Janssens in 2018.

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