Coach Matt Sutter on the 5 Keys of Leadership and Empire Building


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In today’s episode of the Live UNREAL w/Glover U Podcast, Coach Matt Sutter takes the stage to talk all about leadership and empire building. At the Live UNREAL Summit in March 2021, Matt shared what it takes to lead effectively and build a business that multiplies your success, whether you’re a solo agent, running a team, or on a team.

Agents have a massive opportunity beyond real estate sales. Unlocking that opportunity comes down to attracting, training, and retaining superstar talent.

No matter how many homes you can sell, time will always be your limiting factor. Bringing more people into your world and creating a space for their dreams is the only way to scale your growth and build an empire.

How do you build a solid system for bringing in talent and create a vision big enough to retain them?

The 5 Buckets of Leadership and Empire Building allow you to do just that:

  • Casting a vision
  • Attracting talent to the vision
  • Training your people and ramping things up
  • Developing people to turn raw talent into empire builders in their own right
  • Retaining talent and creating enough value for them to stay


You want people to follow your vision, not you. -Matt Sutter

Walking the walk forces people to keep up or exit. -Matt Sutter

People stay when they believe they can build their UNREAL Life in your organization. -Matt Sutter

Provide enough resources and training that people aren’t flying blind, but don’t give them so much that it stops them from being resourceful. -Matt Sutter

Allow people to have a vision inside of your vision as long as it’s headed in the same direction. -Matt Sutter

When we fail, we can figure out what actually didn’t work, which accelerates our success. -Matt Sutter

Up to 20% of employee turnover happens in the first 45 days. Over 60% of employees are more likely to stay in the company for 3 or more years if they experience a great initial 90 days. -Matt Sutter

Don’t just teach people what to do, teach them how to think. -Matt Sutter

Key Points

  1. Setting a vision is the most critical requirement of leadership and one of our most effective tools for keeping people engaged. People don’t connect to the here and now. We have to get people connected emotionally to the opportunity that’s ahead. How do we create a vision that challenges and aligns the people you’re leading?
  2. Seek to hire the top 1% talent, the best of the best. We can’t come across that level by talking to a few people. You have to cast a wide net with the goal of finding excellent and awesome talent. How do we identify superstars?
  3. How someone thinks is one of the biggest predictors of where they’re going to go. Do they take accountability or make subtle excuses? Do they have clarity on what they prioritize and what moves the needle? Can they find solutions on their own?
  4. Look for people who have overcome challenges. People who have pulled themselves out of their failures show that they have resilience. If they don’t have the resilience to take a step back before they can accelerate forward, they are going to struggle. How do we identify resilience in the interview process?
  5. A big limiting belief in our industry is training someone only sets them up to leave. People stay when they believe they can build their UNREAL Life in your organization. They leave when they believe they can be more successful on their own or with someone else.
  6. Provide enough resources and training that your new hires are not flying blind, but don’t give them so much that it stops them from being resourceful. The goal is to teach people how to think so they become self-empowered for their own success. How do we teach people to think in a way that’s aligned with success?
  7. Hold people accountable to their standards and coach them to their goals. Your standard is the minimum acceptable performance for them to have a job. The goal is what takes them on the path to their UNREAL Life.

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