Sarita Dua: Intellectual Curiosity & Growing a Business By Being a Connector


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In today’s episode of the Live Unreal w/Glover U podcast, Jeff sits down with Portland agent, Sarita Dua. Like many of the people who joined us on stage at this year’s Summit, Sarita's mindset and the way she operates her business truly embodies what it means to build an Unreal life.

After 14 years of working in tech, Sarita took a leap into real estate in a new city where she knew absolutely no one, and today she runs a highly successful business and she continues to challenge herself to new heights - including an Executive MBA from MIT!

Sarita will share with you her journey, how she got started, and what keeps her driven. You’ll find so much inspiration in her path, along with tactics you can implement in your own business.

Sarita also shared:

  • Why she switched from tech to real estate
  • How she manages her time at a high level
  • What drove her to go back to school and the power of intellectual curiosity


Real estate is about houses and architecture, but at its core, it’s 2 things - people and project management. -Sarita Dua

Being out there teaching and training gets people to know that you’re out there. It’s all about hustle and grit. -Sarita Dua

Once you start thinking bigger and seeing bigger, you can’t unsee it. -Sarita Dua

If you’re a PhD in something, you’re a kindergartener in something else. -Sarita Dua

Key Points

  1. The person who gets all the referrals is the person who serves as a connector. When someone is thinking of something they need - you need to be the person that knows where they can find it. Connecting people solves problems and keeps you top of mind, and that becomes a huge generator of leads.
  2. Don’t just learn about your market, learn from real estate colleagues in other locations. Some markets are leaders and others are laggards. Knowing what’s happening in each of these markets teaches you to get ahead of changes, pivot, and stay on top of your game.
  3. Be confident about the value you bring to the table. People want you to sell their product and if you can’t sell yourself, how can they trust you to do the same for them?

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