208: How to Avoid Capital Gains Tax with The 1031 Exchange Expert, Dave Foster


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Dave Foster is the Founder of The 1031 Investor — an online resource that’s helped thousands of investors buy more real estate and avoid paying taxes on the profits, by leveraging the tax deferral strategy known as the 1031 exchange.

Rolling your gains into another real estate investment can be intimidating at first, but when you understand the rules and regulations, this under-utilized tax provision creates ultimate buying power and keeps your money working for YOU, instead of landing in Uncle Sam’s pocket!

In our conversation, you’ll learn all about this unique investing technique and how you can use it to build generational wealth, without ever having to pay a dime in capital gains tax.

Not only does Dave share a ton of wisdom to help you navigate and understand the rules and regulations, but you’ll hear a step-by-step walkthrough outlining how the 1031 exchange strategy would apply to my $20 million real estate deal.

If you’re interested in maximizing your reinvestment capacity by leveraging this tax deferral strategy, don’t miss today’s episode with Dave Foster!

Key Takeaways on the 1031 Exchange

  • What is a 1031 exchange and how can you use it to sell investment property, without paying capital gains tax?
  • Dave reviews my $20 million deal and explains exactly how I could leverage the 1031 exchange.
  • Is it possible to do a partial exchange?
  • The power of refinancing as a real estate investor.
  • How to transition from active to passive operator, while still being able to shelter your tax!
  • How to create generational wealth using The 4 D’s of 1031 Investing - Defer, Defer, Defer…. Die!
  • How does a 1031 exchange work when it comes to real estate syndications?
  • Understanding both the risks and rewards of 1031 exchange investing.
  • Why Dave doesn’t believe the Biden administration will eliminate or limit this highly effective tax planning technique.
  • Dave shares his secret to finding real estate investing hot spots!

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