268: Jake Harris on the 6 Things to Include in your Real Estate Stress Tests


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No one can deny that we’re living in uncertain times. There’s political unrest all over the world, rampant inflation, and countless problems in our supply chains. As real estate investors, all these factors play a role in your deals, whether they influence your purchase price or if the appliances your tenants need are going to arrive now or in 6 months.

However, as you’ll learn today, even if you can’t predict the future, you can still build a portfolio of high-performing investments that keeps pace with an ever-changing world.

That’s why I’m thrilled to have Jake Harris join me today. Jake has over 18 years of experience in real estate, construction, and investment management. His fields of expertise include opportunity zones, infill development, cost control systems, and scaling distressed investments.

He’s also the author of Catching Knives, a book in which he shares not just the story of how he got involved in commercial real estate investing, but also some very specific strategies and tools you can use as you line up your first deal.

In our conversation, Jake and I discuss how to make good investments in high-stress environments–and the 6 things that you should include in your real estate stress tests. You’ll also learn why now is the time for the very best operators and investors to rise to the top of this industry, and the hard lessons he learned over the course of almost two decades in commercial real estate.

Key Takeaways with Jake Harris

  • How Jake got his start in commercial real estate.
  • Why investors and operators are never doing enough due diligence before construction.
  • Why Jake is sourcing domestic supply instead of buying from Korea, Ukraine, or elsewhere.
  • The six things you should include in your real estate stress tests.
  • Why goals are a great way to win one time, but success is built off of systems.

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