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About podcast: Mental health is often stigmatised which makes talking about it difficult. We fear being judged or treated differently. This is a space to share the mental health journeys of the host and her friends (real and virtual), interspersed with professional perspectives in the hope of normalising this part of our wellbeing; remembering that we are always perfectly ourselves. Podcast format: total time 20min: (1) Intro to podcast episode [2min] | (2) Perspectives from our host [5min] | (3) Quintessentially Mental chitchat [10min] – interactive discussion | (4) Concluding thoughts from our host [3min] About host: Cherize Ross, aka SureEyes, has battled mental illness for most of her life, spending the last 6 years consciously managing it and in the past 3 years advocating for mental wellness through everyday conversations. She is learning to use these lessons in her humanism to be a better mother, partner, daughter, sister, niece, aunt and friend. Social media: Facebook - Quintessentially Mental | Instagram: @quintessentially.mental | Email: quintessentiallymental@gmail.com

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