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In the Season 1 finale, Alexandra Mack (aka Moses) joins Jeff to discuss life, love, and listening to Ramble by the River. They swap stories from growing up on the lower end of the socio-economic spectrum, Alex provides some interesting facts about the history of kidney health in the United States, they both give recipes to some delicious Mexican dishes, and they spend a significant amount of time discussing what they love and what drives them crazy in relationships. Along the way we venture into celebrity crushes, gardening, Oktoberfest, jealousy, weird foods, mental health, and old regrets (specifically, NOT eating a scorpion when offered).

Alex is a clinically-certified hemodialysis technician, an expert bar-tender/mixologist, and an avid listener of this podcast. Since day one, she has been a steady focus-group of one, providing valuable insights and critiques that have helped the show to take shape. I am very grateful to her for her input on a weekly basis and it was great to finally get her opinions on the record. The general tone of this episode is happy, reflective, and fun and I hope that spreads to you listeners as you hear it.

If you have been with us since the beginning, you cannot miss this season wrap-up, and if you are just getting started with Ramble, I hope you will be back next season. It has been a true pleasure to make these 56 episodes for you this year and I can't wait to get started on Season 2!

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Scribner Shunt; new girl energy; mixed-signals; longterm friendships; benefits of small towns; weddings; cemeteries; the occult; Covid-19; kidney health; kidney disease;; museums; organ transplants; organ donation; heart disease; Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR); hydration; Kool-aid; Squeeze-it; End-stage Renal Disease (ESRD); Peritoneal Dialysis; Ibuprofen; NSAIDs; chemical tolerance; bioethics; cancer screening; Costco; Lupus; Depression; silent-but-deadly farts; Anxiety; self-care; doing nothing; memory; Hot Pockets; Microwave oven; bargain hunting; finding deals; Craig’s List;;; gardening; horticulture; cooking; Instant Pot; carnitas; salsa verde; olfaction; canine olfaction; fermentation; fermented foods; kimchi; mold; blonde hair; Oktoberfest; Alone; wilderness survival; heat shock protein; cold therapy; Wim Hoff; Breath-work; Squid Game; Parasite; Netflix; Sex, Love, and Goop; Long Beach Tavern; Karaoke;



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