Michael Muir on Light Language & Letting Go Of What No Longer Serves


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“Just follow your heart. Don’t be afraid to follow your heart. That’s all.”

In this episode I connect with Michael Muir, founder of Soul Magic Collective. Michael is a multi-dimensional healer, therapist, counsellor, and bodyworker.

In this episode we talk about how light language became a vehicle for Michael to receive galactic frequencies that he expresses through sound, allowing him to both heal himself, and be of service to others through the same process.

Michael studied medical microbiology in the UK before moving to Sydney in 1996 to work in immunology with the Red Cross. Over time, he realised that his work wasn’t where his heart was and he decided to study somatic psychotherapy, a body-inclusive approach to the therapeutic model.

In 2004, Michael began making interesting sounds which he later understood to be light language, his curiosity then peaked, leading him to work with a group in the U.S called "Children Of The Sun", this then allowed him to deepen his connection with light language through guided meditations.

Michael's connection with light language then continued to build in momentum, and the healing benefits and transformation that occurred as a result of his experiences, lead him to naturally offering light language to groups.

Growing up in the 1980s as a gay man in the north of England made Michael feel as though he was an outsider on the fringe of society. Through his therapeutic journey, he learned the importance of being patient, facing his fears, trusting the process, and having a firm support team to guide him through his own challenges and trauma.

Michael is a beautiful representation of following your own intuition and how we all have our own unique gifts which may lay dormant, waiting for us to activate them to step into our highest potential.

“Just because things don’t come in the timeline we would like, doesn’t mean that it won’t come. It just means that it’s not quite time for it to be anchored into the physical yet."

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