Lead with Purpose: Best Practices to Help Better Balance Your Life and Your Business


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In episode 2.16, Scott and Vince welcome Marc Koehler from Lead With Purpose. In this week’s episode, our hosts and guest talk about finding that balance between dealing with the speed of life and the speed of business. The pace of each seems to keep increasing as every year goes by, how can business professionals looking to succeed at the office and at home, keep pace? Scott, Vince, and Marc talk about the challenges many people are facing today and offer some solutions that may help get people headed toward achieving the success they are seeking. Tune in for this great episode!

About our Hosts:

To learn more about Scott De Long, Ph.D., and Vince Moiso, MBA, please visit theceopodcast.net. If you have questions, comments, or to make topic suggestions for future episodes, please contact them at scottandvince@gmail.com.

About our Guest:

Marc Koehler is the President and Founder of Lead With Purpose. Learn more by visiting leadwithpurpose.com.

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