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From Apache TVM to OctoML, Luis gives direct insight into the world of ML hardware optimization, and where systems optimization is heading. --- Luis Ceze is co-founder and CEO of OctoML, co-author of the Apache TVM Project, and Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington. His research focuses on the intersection of computer architecture, programming languages, machine learning, and molecular biology. Connect with Luis: 📍 Twitter: 📍 University of Washington profile: --- ⏳ Timestamps: 0:00 Intro and sneak peek 0:59 What is TVM? 8:57 Freedom of choice in software and hardware stacks 15:53 How new libraries can improve system performance 20:10 Trade-offs between efficiency and complexity 24:35 Specialized instructions 26:34 The future of hardware design and research 30:03 Where does architecture and research go from here? 30:56 The environmental impact of efficiency 32:49 Optimizing and trade-offs 37:54 What is OctoML and the Octomizer? 42:31 Automating systems design with and for ML 44:18 ML and molecular biology 46:09 The challenges of deployment and post-deployment 🌟 Transcript: 🌟 Links: 1. OctoML: 2. Apache TVM: 3. "Scalable and Intelligent Learning Systems" (Chen, 2019): 4. "Principled Optimization Of Dynamic Neural Networks" (Roesch, 2020): 5. "Cross-Stack Co-Design for Efficient and Adaptable Hardware Acceleration" (Moreau, 2018): 6. "TVM: An Automated End-to-End Optimizing Compiler for Deep Learning" (Chen et al., 2018): 7. Porcupine is a molecular tagging system introduced in "Rapid and robust assembly and decoding of molecular tags with DNA-based nanopore signatures" (Doroschak et al., 2020): --- Get our podcast on these platforms: 👉 Apple Podcasts:​​ 👉 Spotify:​ 👉 Google Podcasts:​​ 👉 YouTube:​​ 👉 Soundcloud:​ Join our community of ML practitioners where we host AMAs, share interesting projects and meet other people working in Deep Learning:​​ Check out Fully Connected, which features curated machine learning reports by researchers exploring deep learning techniques, Kagglers showcasing winning models, industry leaders sharing best practices, and more:

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