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We back into lockdown for Bo Burnham’s latest Netflix special, shot during the pandemic and released just as the world was emerging from post-Covid cabin fever.

About Bo Burnham: Inside

After a five-year break from the stage, American comedian Bo Burnham obsessively writes, performs, shoots, directs, and composes music for Inside, from one room during the pandemic — all while perhaps going slightly mad himself in lockdown. Or was he?

Jeff was skeptical. Shindy wasn’t loving going back into the quarantine mindset. Mat felt cheated and thought the timing of the release was “shitty.”

But should you ultimately Stream It or Leave It? Listen now and find out!

Press play to hear more after the Spoiler Alert (06:11):

Were we more impressed by Bo Burnham's fancy equipment or his talent?

"There are people who have been entertaining for years who can't produce and manage their way around equipment as well as he can," remarked Shindy.

"Man, there was so much to unpack in this special. It's so hard to describe. The guy is like Weird Al and Stanley Kubrick shoved together! I thought there was so much intelligence. It kind of blew me away," surmised Jeff.

Did Burnham want us to believe he living in this room the whole of lockdown?

"I believe he was exasperated...but he is trying to give the impression that he was living in this room? How much of this was performance and how much was genuine, " questioned Mat.

"I don't think it's possible for us to know how depressed he got or his sort of internal thoughts. I'm sure that there's some of that in there. But if you look at the music, if you look at the lighting, if you look at his facility with editing, with directing, with writing songs and lyrics—the moment I realized that, I thought, ‘oh, the whole thing is put together,’" remarked Jeff.

And, how much was Burnham atoning for prior comedic criticism?

Our Verdict (35:25)

Bonus: What else we’re watching (35:38)

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