Sexy Beasts: The (everyone's hot) Dating Game x The Masked Singer x The Purge x Wipeout


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This week we swallow our pride and subject ourselves to a new dating show concept crossing species and time, made possible by prosthetics, Netflix, London, and Rob Delaney (Catastrophe).

About Sexy Beasts on Netflix

"It's like ‘The Dating Game’ meets ‘The Masked Singer’ meets ‘The Purge’ ... and ‘Wipeout,’" said Jeff.

"A kind of ‘Come Dine with Me’ (U.K. Channel Four) feel ... where narration ... is cheeky and makes fun of each contestant," compared Shindy.

"It’s [Netflix] going full circle to doing network television and trying for that audience, which might be the future. And it may be the beginning of the end of network television," opined Mat.

Press play to hear what happens after the crew unmasks their true feelings after the Spoiler Alert (08:53):

  • Sexy Beasts Makeup (07:23)
  • Everyone’s hot: How real are the connections? (08:58)
  • Seriously, these people can't get dates in the age of dating apps? (09:47)
  • Blind date success stories: Watch out, we get personal (14:39) (23:05)
  • Where are they now? (24:40)
  • Our favorite ‘beasts’ (26:05)

Stream it or Leave it? And our respective spirit animals (42:38)

What else we’re watching (44:48)

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