Episode 4: A New (Stormcast) Hope


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Welcome back to The Dungeon for Episode 4: A New (Stormcast) Hope!

This time, we’re talking all about Stormcast, exposing all of Sigmar’s secrets. We talk a bit about how they came to be, how they started, where they’ve been (and what they’ve been doing), and where they are going from 1st to 3rd edition. I think you will be surprised at all the interesting details behind their story and how it has evolved over the years. We hope you enjoy this deep dive into the (serious) narrative behind the Stormcast Eternals. After that, I have a small narrative piece called “Streaks of Grey,” where a Stormcast Eternal struggles with the humanity he sees around him.

This episode wraps up with a question-and-answer segment. Thanks for listening! NB: One or more of the audio sections may be slightly quieter than others. That was a recording…incident, (shall we say) and hopefully won’t happen again. Sorry!

Special thanks for this episode go out to my wife (through which all things are possible), Renee Tucker.

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