How design can lead the conversation / Jim Kalbach / Episode #121


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"I didn't sign up to be making wallpaper." That's a quote I can strongly relate to from this conversation with Jim Kalbach. As service designers we want to make a tangible impact on the world around us. For that you need to make sure that your work gets "shipped". If you fail to do that you're often just making wallpaper as Jim said. And the stakes are high because if you fail to ship you run the risk that your contributions will be seen as insignificant or irrelevant. So an important part of doing good service design is following up and making sure your work is actionable for other people. Now how can you do that? What Jim had found is that we are in a very good spot to facilitating meaningful conversations. Often these conversations are the way do drive initiatives forward. After watching this episode you'll walk away with a better understanding of how you can make great design happen. I really enjoyed the chat with Jim. It's filled with practical tips and with entertaining one-liners as you'll hear :) --- [ GUIDE ] -— 00:00 Welcome to episode 121 04:30 Who is Jim 06:00 60 second rapid fire 07:30 Getting design delivered 11:15 Design in a bigger context 14:15 How did we get here 18:45 AHA moments! 24:00 What makes workshops work 29:45 Do pilots 33:15 What are we missing 37:45 Understanding organisational design 40:30 Stop doing this 45:30 The figure 8 is everywhere 47:30 What does success look like 50:30 Naivety about go to market 56:15 Final thoughts --- [ LINKS ] --- * * * * * The Statue in the Stone (book) - * Rise of the Deo (book) - * Presumptive Design (book) - --- [ SELLING SERVICE DESIGN ] --- Learn how to win the hearts and minds of clients, managers & CEOs, without wearing a suit.

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