E106: Pump It Up


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Ever heard of pumping. No, we are not talking about breast pumping. And no, not a tire but yes, a body part. To be more specific, a penis, or a nipple, or a vulva, or … Well, you get the point. John was originally given a penis pump by the doctor overseeing his hormone treatment, but after a year we’ve discovered so much more.
The pleasure and benefits of pumping have been amazing and noticeable. Enough that Angelique is now on her own vulva pumping journey. We chatted with Chris Kalev from L.A. Pump about the health benefits, the science behind, and the fetish side of pumping. Lots of jaw-dropping moments in the conversation. Definitely check our YouTube video interview for our reactions. They are priceless!
Come down the rabbit hole with Chris and ourselves into a journey of pumping.
With over 18 years of experience in the adult novelty industry, Chris brings in a wealth of knowledge and a high level of customer service to L.A. Pumps. Have a question about pumping he is the go-to person to ask.
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