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In July Angelique and Ignixia attend Consent Workshops by Consent Academy at The Woodshed Orlando. They learn quite a bit about how complex Consent can be from the various different types of situations from personal family to work and intimate relationships. They learned a lot an in 2-day intensive weekend training. Listen to their conversation with one of the presenters.
Here is what it is about!
The Consent Academy is an educational collective based out of Seattle, WA. Our mission is to teach consent in all of its complexity, aspects, and potential. With over 50 years of education experience collectively, our approach incorporates disciplines of psychology, sociology, public health, psychotherapy, and personal coaching to create a systemic view of how consent impacts everyone from the bedroom to the boardroom. We believe consent is part of everyday life and its practice builds stronger, safer, and more connected communities.
We were founded in 2016 by our Director Sar Surmick. Finding that teaching consent was way more than one person could do alone, Sar brought together educators, therapists, coaches, and students with a passion for the topic. Our group began with some local backing and just ten volunteers, but has become a force for change. While we do most of our work from our home in Seattle, we travel constantly to speak at conferences and to educate for communities and organizations across the country.
The Consent Academy provides a wide range of services to help build Consent Culture in communities, organizations, schools, and at home.
For more about what we can offer, http://www.consent.academy/current-offerings.html
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