EP215 - Navigating First Time Sex in a New Relationship with Connell Barrett


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Welcome to episode 215 of the Sexology Podcast! Today I'm delighted to welcome Connell Barrett to the podcast. In this episode, Connell speaks with me about ways we can navigate our first-time having sex in a new relationship, the importance of play and Why being present is so important.

Dating coach Connell Barrett has one mission: help men defeat loneliness and attract their soulmates, as their most authentic, confident selves. The founder of Dating Transformation and a coach with The League dating app, Connell spent years training with the world’s best relationship and self-development experts.

Connell’s next project? Showing men a new way to date with his forthcoming book, Dating Sucks But You Don’t, the complete dating guide for men in the #MeToo era, to be published in May by Simon & Schuster.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How Connell became interested in this line of work
  • Creating flirtatious conversation
  • Learning to talk more around emotion and less around logic
  • The importance of play and how you can engage in play
  • Understanding the need to make yourself vulnerable
  • Ways you can learn to bring your guard down
  • Looking at the concept of “Freedom from outcome”
  • Why being present is so important
  • How to navigate the morning after first time sex
  • Ways you can still be a good person if it’s just a hook up

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