EP207 - Breaking Up with Evangelical Christianity and Reclaiming Your Sexuality with Lucy Rowett


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Welcome to episode 207 of the Sexology Podcast! Today I'm delighted to welcome Lucy Rowett to the podcast. In this episode Lucy speaks to me about reclaiming sexuality after being raised as an Evangelical Christian, learning to challenge negative sex messages and dispelling the myth that having sexual feelings is sinful.

Lucy Rowett is a sexologist and intimacy coach based in Brighton, UK. She describes herself as an Evangelical Sexologist and pleasure advocate, who is passionate about empowering women to liberate their bodies and souls from the shackles of shame. She uses a fusion of "neck up" and "neck down" approaches, combining sexology and accurate sexuality education with somatic practices, taoism, tantra, and embodiment.

As a sexpert, she has been quoted in many online publications such as Kinkly, Men's Health, Glamour, Dame, O Diaries, Oprah Magazine, Brides, Tinder Swipe Life, and The Body. She grew up in London in the 90s and 00s in the Church, and got the full whammy of Purity Culture, which she spent years deconstructing. She is passionate about exploring the intersections of faith, sexuality, and shame. She is also a fanatic tea connoisseur, devourer of books, lover of dancing, and slave to cats.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Lucy’s experience growing up from a religious background
  • Looking at Evangelical Christianity
  • Understanding the myth’s around purity culture
  • The impact sex had on popular culture in the 90’s / 00’s
  • How Lucy decided Evangelical Christianity wasn’t the right path for her
  • Combining sexuality and spirituality
  • Learning to challenge negative sex messages
  • How to positively question people in positions of authority
  • Going through the process of faith de-construction
  • Learning to understand and use Tantra to connect with your sexual self
  • Dispelling the myth that having sexual feelings is sinful

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