Future of Work | Laetitia Vitaud


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For today's episode, I have with me Laetitia Vitaud. She is a writer and a prominent speaker about the future of work. Laetitia is also an editor in chief of the HR media, Welcome to the Jungle, a leading media that helps companies develop, in her own words, 'employer branding for the new work generation'. She has also constantly published her work in LSE Business Review, Medium as well as Malt.
Show notes:

-Definitions of Feminism

-Meritocracy, Neonatalism and Motherhood

-Equity, Equality and Diversity

-Fairness in Candidate Selection

-Ideal version of feminism

-Technology eats Culture for Breakfast

-Future Work with professional transitions, job changes

-'Low skill' workers viewpoint

-Economic system based on measurable value

-Productive work and reproductive work

-Rise of female suicides in Japan

-Isolation for children during COVID

-Effect of social games for children using Twitch, Discord

-Feminist geographers and design of safer cities for women

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