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Mehdi Yacoub is an engineer and entrepreneur from Paris, passionate about optimizing health, longevity and well being. Through Lifetizr, he is building a solution to help people optimize their metabolic health, prevent chronic diseases, and live healthier and longer.

Mehdi also writes a weekly newsletter (The Long Game), were he shares the best stuff he comes across each week. He covers a broad range of topics, always including health, wellness, and tech. In a given episode, you can read about the Horvath clock, the art of doing nothing, pricing strategies, risk management, the VIP world, behavioral biology, Bruce Lee, and Michael Jordan.

Podcast Notes:

  • Lifetizr and their work through Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)
  • Personal experiences monitoring glucose levels and benefits of tracking
  • Moating and how startups understand their strengths and positioning
  • Tips on fasting, 72 hour fasts, cold showers
  • Could immortality be achieved?
  • David Sinclair's Information Theory of ageing
  • Need for utopian science fictions (White Mirrors)
  • Twitter as the true social network
  • Increased polarisation of societies and rise in social media wokeness
  • Andy Matuschak's mnemonic writing

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