Future of Equity | St. Ludovick Peters


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Ludovick is the Founder and CEO of SLIOC which is aimed at providing access to education and shelter for albino children in Tanzania.

  • In Tanzania, East Africa, people with white skin (known as albinos) are hunted like animals for their body parts which are widely believed to have magical and superstitious properties.
  • As a result, between 2000 and 2017 there were 75 ‘registered’ killings of albinos, a further 61 survived attacks and there were 16 albino grave robberies.

Through his charitable organisation, St. Ludovick aims to provide access to education and shelter for the albino children and to provide safety and equality of participation in socio-economic activities for the albinos.


Especially during these times were the death of George Floyd has triggered the #BlackLivesMatter protests, with everyone discussing about diversity in workplaces and prevention of racial injustice, the message which St. Ludovick has is particularly deep and profound, and relevant to these times.

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