Mandara means "Tree Under Whose Shade all Cares are Forgotten". Incredible Healing Journey, Toastmasters, Higher Consciousness


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Mandara Lebovitz
Life Coach, Storyteller, Fine Artist, Toastmaster
Recent Toastmasters area competition winner, life coach, visual artist and entrepreneur with over 6 years as an adult educator and 15 years developing her conscious wellness practice, Mandara supports her life coaching, fine art and video production clients by applying her superpower- her intuition, to everything she does.
An avid yogi, outdoor enthusiast and wellness junkie with a gift for energetic healing and medical mediumship, it is no wonder Mandara’s name aptly means ‘Tree under whose shade all cares are
She is with us today to discuss how to connect with our higher-selves, as well as share her experiential wisdom on how she successfully healed herself from 2 reconstructive spinal surgeries and a life time of chronic pain.
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