84 The Wish-Fulfilling Jewel and Great Loving Kindness


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Alan begins the session by talking about the importance of settling the body, speech and mind in their natural states. After that he goes to “An Introduction to a Parable and its Meaning Taught by Siddha Orgyan” about a wish-fulfilling jewel on page 87 of Naked Awareness. The wish-fulfilling jewel is, of course, our own Buddha Nature. He then talks about the importance of clearing out our sense of ourselves as ordinary sentient beings, in order to practice from a new platform and realize who we really are. The meditation is on the cultivation of Great Loving Kindness. After the meditation Alan talks about the metaphor of the dirt-encrusted and hidden jewel and cutting through the layers of delusion, understanding the three marks of existence, realizing their emptiness, and then going down to the ground and realizing who we really are. The meditation starts at 35:46 ___ Please contribute to make these, and future podcasts freely available.

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