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Selling in Invisible B2B Customers Through Digital and Social Networks

B2B selling leveraging social media and digital platforms has now become a primary method of driving sales and engaging customers. Today’s podcast focuses on key trends for B2B buyers (hint: they like buying remote and digitally) and how to leverage platforms and influence channels to find them.

The challenge for many of us is traditional face-to-face methods of lead generation, networking and buyer engagement are largely gone.

In October 2020 McKinsey released a report called “Global B2B decision-maker response to COVID-19 crisis,” where B2B buyers stated the following:

“Don’t count on returning to a pre-COVID-19 level of in-person sales coverage, as only 20–30% of B2B buyers want to ever interact with reps in person even in their ideal/post-COVID-19 model…

90% of B2B decision makers expect the remote and digital model to stick around for the long run.

Videoconference connections are critical and are preferred over audio/phone by almost 80% of B2B buyers”

Stats like this make it clear that in order to drive commerce and business success we need to successfully engage these remote digital-first buyers where they are… which is on digital platforms and networks.

The challenge is also that traditional social media metrics such as clicks, likes and comments are not necessarily signs that what we are doing is working. Lack of “engagement” with our content is also not a sign that we are failing. Many senior executives and ideal prospects lurk, they consume our content and evaluate us silently – they’re an invisible B2B customer. In the podcast I dig deeper into this subject and also provide a few tactical steps to help you put together a B2B social selling strategy that works. Enjoy!

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