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Want to start building your brand online but you are struggling to create content that feels authentic to yourself? Fighting to balance self-care & content creation? Do you wonder how you can make money from your personal brand?

Then you have to listen to this podcast!

Shahd Batal, is an LA-based content creator who turned her personal brand into a full-time devotion. She came from being a natural hair blogger to building her name as a top influencer in modest fashion & beauty and now creates content around her lifestyle, self-care and real girl talks.

The Sudanese-American struggled herself to find content that is authentic to who she is, and now she's sharing her journey with you, mashallah.

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She talks about

  • The journey from a student to building a money-making personal brand online 1:40
  • Rebranding herself after deciding to wear the hijab 6:40
  • Deciding to do content creation full-time 11:15
  • Having the confidence to put yourself out there 15:15
  • Being an influencer while working on your character 18:00
  • Creating content that's authentic to who you are right now 20:00
  • Self-care & Social Media: How to preserve your mental health online 24.00
  • How to create content with intention 33.00
  • Authenticity: how to build a brand when you're multi-faceted 38:00
  • Becoming financially independent with your personal brand 44:00
  • Working with brands 47:00
  • Money: Setting your rates 53:00
  • Dealing with low views & engagement 59:00
  • Top tips for content creators to start out 1:03:00
  • Motivation for everyone starting from scratch 1:09:00

STOP, don't leave, here's Shahd's question for you -

Inshallah leave a comment here: What are you doing right now that you're gonna be proud of later?

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