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Is faith-based branding a thing? How do you make space for your faith in your business or your job?

In this podcast, we talk about business, branding, and womanhood. In this episode, Sina Port talked with Isis Breanna about how to make space for intentionality, faith, and purpose in your business and brand.

We talked:

  • Making space for faith in your career
  • Personal branding and how you can grow a community
  • How to find your purpose, calling, and gifts
  • How to be productive with ADHD

About Isis: Isis Breanna (@isisbreanna) is a go-to business coach for all things social media marketing. With her BGBW (Brown Girl Biz World) community, she has gathered Black women and women of color from around the world to support each other, learn and grow together in the digital business space. Whether it’s through informative Instagram Lives or her marketing downloadables, Isis’ goal is to help her followers create content that actually converts.

The one thing we all share is our innate diversity.

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