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Want to start your dream career in an industry that's not diverse? Struggling to make your voice heard in a sea of sameness?

Then you have to listen to this podcast!

Fadumo Olow, youth worker, sports journalist, and podcaster shares with us her authentic Personal Brand around her passion: sports & diversity. She is a co-founder of the podcast called ‘I Think She’s Offside’ with Lipa Nessa which focuses on bringing underrepresented conversations to life, the growth of women’s sports, footballing culture, and diversity.

We talked about:

  • Finding your dream career
  • Getting into media & journalism
  • How to make your voice heard
  • Collaborating with major brands
  • Activism, social work and fulfilling your purpose in your career
  • Getting into podcasting without experience or money

WAIT! Before you go, answer Fadumo's question here:

What is your drive and motivation in your career and life, and how do you remind yourself of that?

Share your diversity with us!

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