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**As of April 3, 2018, the full backlog of Shareware will no longer be available on Soundcloud due to financial reasons. They can still be found on our Youtube profile for as long has their hosting remains free. Thanks to everyone who listened and contributed, you're greatly appreciated! The old bio can be found below for posterity. - Josh** Hello everyone, and welcome to Shareware. The one typing up this short and sweet little Bio is BioBrett, the one who does all the other work is Josh, and the final founding member is good ole' boy Jordan. Shareware's gone through a few evolutions - the first half of the show is now focused around one topic each host brings per week. That topic can be centered around damn near anything, with only our distorted common sense having any damn say. The meat of the show is in the Game Club, where we break down a game piece by laborious piece to discuss what makes it tick, what we liked and what we hated, and whether or not we think it's a good game despite or because of those elements. The rest of this is just to shill for our various projects. I, BioBrett, happen to run a stream over at that's been getting fairly popular lately, which is nice. I use the podcast mic for it, which is probably the coolest shit in the world to me. I play any kind of game that grabs my interest, and tend to go on bizarre tangents even when I'm left to speak to my own damn self. Josh played bass for the now defunct Rot Blossom, from which the intro music was excerpted. You can check them out over at the Rot Blossom page on Soundcloud, or the Facebook page of the same name. Jordan has a twitter account over at @Ironheart1183 that you can check out if you like!

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