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Advice Only

Julia Chung, Spring Plans

– The Sharkpreneur podcast with Seth Greene Episode 699 Julia Chung

Julia Chung is a team builder, a leader, an author, and public speaker. As CEO of two women-owned and women-led companies, Spring Plans, an advice-only financial planning firm, and Admin Slayer, a successful virtual assistant company, she focuses on providing the tools and resources needed to create success - whatever that looks like for each individual and business.

Julia has co-authored three ebooks: The Art of Delegation, Women & Money, and The Entrepreneur’s Survival Guide - and has more in the works. She’s also Vice President of the Financial Planning Association of Canada and a Board Director at Family Enterprise Canadas. Julia’s unique ability is manifesting the improbable. She loves a challenge that starts with someone saying: you can’t do that.

Listen to this illuminating Sharkpreneur episode with Julia Chung about advice only financial planning.

Here are some of the beneficial topics covered on this week’s show:

● How advice only financial planners are on the same side as their clients.

● Why people have a hard time defining what a great life looks like for them.

● How people shouldn’t make decisions based on tax implications.

● Why it’s important to say no to people and not take on every client.

● How surrounding yourself with the right team can help you grow your business.

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