Episode 70: Racial Equity in the Workplace with Bryana Clover


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What does it mean to promote diversity both at home and in the workplace? In this episode, we sit down with Bryana Clover and discuss what that looks like. She tells us her story of moving to Texas from Detroit and entering the AG world as a young black woman. What challenges she was met with as a result of that, and how she got to the place of helping companies and individuals better understand diversity.

We tackle some tough subjects that many try to cover over in this episode, but that are so necessary to discuss. Bryana shares with us her own struggles she faced because of her skin color, along with how opportunity can look different to people of different skin colors.

When it comes to the workplace we generally consider it a diverse group and equal in all regards, but we learn of many forms of micro-aggression that can come across in the workplace, that may seem harmless to some, but in fact when we get to the root of it, is very harmful.

Questions asked:

“What’s the encouragement to pursue brave places while breaking through barriers?”

“What was your first 10 years of work like?”

“How do you mentor and pursue relationships with impact to create a culture of diversity?”

Topics covered:

How color affects opportunity.

Micro-aggressions towards people of color.

How do you break through barriers as a person of color.

How to cultivate diversity.

Resources Mentioned:

Invitation to Brave Space Poem: https://www.facinghistory.org/resource-library/invitation-brave-space

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