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Ready to build your online presence? If the answer is YES! Then you first need a domain. Your domain acts like your telephone number but for the web, it is how people find and contact you. Step number 1 is securing your domain. We recommend Hover. Hover makes finding a domain simple and easy to do. They provide a clean user interface so that you can drop the tech and overwhelm and get up and running in no time. Not to mention their customer service is best in class. Thank you to Hover for supporting the She Did It Her Way podcast. To check out Hover and secure your business website domain, head to to receive 10% off your first domain. Again that is to receive 10% off your first domain.


If you’re in the beginning stages of building your online presence here are a few things you can do to in the prep phase:

  1. Secure your domain - Even though you won’t be building out your website right away, we still recommend securing your domain, that way when you’re ready to build your website, you’ve already got your domain. You can search and secure your domain online using You can head to for 10% off your first domain.
  2. Secure your social media handles:
  • Twitter
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Try to make it so that all of your handles are as consistent with one another as possible, including your website domain. Again, not the worst thing in the world if you can’t but bonus if you can. Also, even though you might not be producing re

Building your online presence requires you to get visible. Here are a few ways to gain visibility.

Consistency. Be consistent as you can with your marketing and pace in which you produce content. If you host a podcast, whether you publish an episode once a week or bi-weekly, make it as consistent as possible on the same days. If your audience is on Instagram, how often do you want to consistently publish content on Instagram. The reason why you want to be consistent is because of a couple of things:

  • You train your audience to show up on certain days and they see your content more consistently which helps build that know like and trust factor.
  • The more your audience sees you, the more you position yourself as an authority or a thought leader on that topic.
  • Depending on the platform that you’re producing content on, typically the more content you produce, the better. Social media platforms love when you post content regularly and consistently because it keeps people coming back for more. They also like it when you use new features they come out with. Instagram came out with a “Reels” and those who use Reels are being served up as “suggested content” in your feed, thus exposing them even more. Don’t let that stress you out when you’re just starting!

Partnerships. Partnerships are a great way to gain visibility with other audiences. These are great at any stage of building your business. Partnerships allow you to get in front of other audiences and exposure yourself to them. Plus they’re fun!

  • Partnerships could be in the form of…
  • Guest blogging
  • Guest podcasting

Swapping interviews inside your Facebook group

Bonus! It gives you more practice at speaking and/or writing. With partnerships, you want to make sure you’re strategic with which ones you do because ultimately it is about you generating more leads for your business.

Action Steps:

  1. Secure your domain
  2. Secure your social media handles
  3. Build out your social media handles (Even if you’re not going to focus a ton of energy or time on them. At least set up the profile).
  4. Pick the platform where your target audience shows up the most; LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook.
  5. Build out a content calendar. Decide how often you want to post each week, brainstorm a list of content ideas, start writing or recording.
  6. Schedule your content. You can use software tools like Meet Edgar for general social media, Planoly for Instagram, and Tailwind for Pinterest. Some of the platforms like Facebook allows you to schedule content directly inside your Facebook group.
  7. Remember to engage; comment back, like, follow them, ask your audience questions. Build the relationship!

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