Arielle Shipe - Voices from the GoPro Mountain Games, Episode 4


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Arielle Shipe is someone who shares her health and adventure story for the service of others. She understands that we all have a lifelong relationship with our bodies, and that relationship is changing all the time. This year at the Mountain Games, she taught yoga surrounded by nature, helping participants center themselves and prime their bodies for a day of adventure and community.

Arielle and Gabaccia Moreno met up to talk about Arielle’s health journey, her philosophy for reframing your relationship with health, her favorite yoga styles, rescheduling her thru hike, and more.

About the series:

Travel with She Explores for a weekend of adventure, art, music, and community at the GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado. Through conversations with four women outdoorists and through the ears of first-time Mountain Games attendee Gabaccia Moreno, listeners have the opportunity to experience the games from afar and contemplate adventure in their own lives.

This special She Explores miniseries is made in collaboration with the Vail Valley Foundation with support from LifeStraw.

Featured in this episode: Arielle Shipe

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