Africa Q4 Check In: The Emergence of Africa's Competition Regimes and Public Interest Merger Conditions in South Africa with Primerio's Andreas Stargard


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We catch up with our African expert Andreas Stargard of Primerio on our fourth quarter geopolitical check in. We learn the latest on the antitrust law in South Africa and how the public interest standard contributes to the marketplace, including updates on Kenya, COMESA and Competition Authority of Kenya, and recent anti-corruption efforts and the broader economic developments in the marketplace.

A co-founding senior member of Primerio, a business advisory firm helping companies do business within Africa from a global perspective, Andreas Stargard is legal, strategic, and business advisor to companies and individuals across the globe. He focuses on antitrust and competition advice, white-collar counseling, contract dispute and negotiation, and resolution of global business disputes, including cartel work, corruption allegations and internal investigations, intellectual property, and distribution matters. Andreas also advises clients on corporate compliance programs that conform to local as well as global government standards, and has handled key strategic merger-notification questions, including evaluation of filing requirements, avoidance strategies, cross-jurisdictional cooperation, and the like.

What We Discussed in This Episode:

  • What’s happened in Q3 and what’s on the horizon for Q4 for African businesses?
  • What impact will the Burger King case decision have on the African antitrust markets and public interest regimes?
  • How has the public interest standard been viewed in other countries?
  • What’s the latest with Kenya and COMESA and what does it mean for broader economic development in the continent?
  • What are recent anti-corruption efforts throughout the African markets and how do foreign investors affect that?
  • What other unpredictable impacts has COVID-19 had on the global economy?

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