Lalah Delia: Creating A Church In The Wild


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Lalah Delia is a woman who I believe can help our soul’s potential soar.

That’s it. That’s the description.

Well nah I lied, here’s a little bit more lmao.

As you might know, Lalah is a leader in this modern day spirituality space and in this episode of #shesbeautyandthebeast we bounce around subjects like:

  1. The difference between fear and danger…
  2. How a set of handcuffs led to Lalah’s freedom and vibrating higher daily…
  3. What both the soul and the ego think of her success…

Our convo feels like the type of hug that cures a long day. If after listening you agree, follow Lalah on IG ( and tell her! Also, leave a rating/review of this podcast and share with some fellow like-vibed humans!

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