Whitney Robinson, PhD on apologizing, male mentorship, and bad 90s fashion


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Today you hear from Whitney Robinson, PhD, social epidemiologist and all around brilliant, thoughtful, vulnerable woman. She is so well known in the public health community after her positions as a Robert Wood Johnson Health and Societies Scholar, assistant and then associate professor at UNC in the epidemiology department, and now as faculty epidemiologist in the Division of Women’s Community and Population Health in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Duke University School of Medicine. Whitney tells me about her recent transition to Duke, what she learned about changing jobs midcareer, how her personality matches her new job description, how male mentors shaped her training, and what makes for a good apology. Living in the pocket of a kangaroo, how she'd blow 5 grand, bad 90s fashion and more come up in our conversation. Enjoy!

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