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Mike Dixon had a long coaching career across Division I and Division II with the lion’s share of it coming at Old Dominion before he returned to his alma mater at Indiana. On Episode 618 of the Short Time Wrestling Podcast, Dixon talks about his newest move as he’s the new Director of Wrestling and Enrichment at Beat the Streets Chicago.

Dixon talks about his introduction to wrestling as a sophomore in high school, his first college coaching job at Division II Indianapolis and then getting into D1 coaching officially at James Madison before stopping at ODU for more than a decade. What’s on the horizon for Beat The Streets Chicago? Why is it important to help provide educational enrichment opportunities through wrestling to at-risk youth? We’ll find out what drives Mike Dixon.

Show Segments 0:30 - My take on Rokfin, Patreon and supporting Mat Talk Content. 11:40 - Fact Bomb with Mercyhurst North East and Spartanburg Methodist.

12:40 - Mike Dixon Interview

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Short Time Wrestling Podcast: Episode 618 - September 15, 2020

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