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Blanka Campbell is an energetic, positive and motivated certified nutritionist who focuses on teaching women how to balance their hormones with food, get their digestion, sleep and energy under control in order to FLOW through their days with ease.

Blanka strongly advocated getting the hormones under control to avoid experiencing peri-menopause too early.

Blanka spends a lot of time helping people get their digestion under control. She tackles those "awkward" discussions to help clients who suffer from bloating, excessive gas, diarrhoea, constipation, binge eating, weight gain, or stubborn belly fat.

Blanka also talks to us about the role INSULIN plays in our body and cycles. She ANALYZES at all of her clients BLOOD RESULTS. She then can help guide them on what food they personally need to help their hormonal and insulin balance. She explains to me some of the controversy over soy that I have been wondering about. She also explains how to eat foods rich in phytoestrogens for women whose blood work shows lower estrogen.

We also hear how too much estrogen during menopause has been linked to increased chances of cancer, especially Breast Cancer! There is also strong scientific evidence that is pointing to dementia beginning around the time women are beginning menopause-possibly due to these massive hormonal changes. Shockingly, 2/3 of ALL Alzheimer's patients are women!

This episode is my International Women's Day gift to all of my listeners. I strongly BELIEVE a WEALTHY life includes living a healthy life!

I am doing a HUGE amount of research on all things LONGEVITY and WOMEN's Health at the moment. Here are some of the books I am reading or experts I am following. We will continue to discuss, blog, podcast and post on this topic for all of our benefits!

The Shot Caller Podcast will also be working with Health Boosts in Switzerland as they have some amazing supplements that include Enzogenol and other superfoods!

OF course, I bring this all back to the investment world. The markets addressing women's health, dementia, menopause (VMS) and dietary supplements is massive! We will help you curate the the biggest investment opportunities in the coming months!

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